A New Chapter

Welcome to Karmaisma Studios! Thank you for joining me in my crafty journey!
To be honest, the blogging world has always seemed a little far off to me, but now I have the most wonderful reason to dive in!
Starting in May, I will be part of a design team for a fantastic card making blog--Butterfly Reflections. Ink. Vanessa Middleton owns a wonderful online shop for all kinds of crafters and somehow, in her spare time, she also opens her blog to new crafters like me! Check her out here, http://butterflyreflectionsink.blogspot.com/ and check out her lovely store here, http://butterflyreflectionsink.3dcartstores.com/.
I'll be sharing my card creations on Instagram and Facebook like before, but also here on my new blog. Follow along as I grow in my skill and share my discoveries with all of you, and thanks again for taking a peek into my little corner of the world! Soon I will share a post on the meaning of my card studio name and other fun facts about my interest in card-making!


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