Karmaisma Studios--How it All Began

Hello there!

Today, I'm sharing the inspiration behind the name of my card studio. Back in October of 2016, I had a wonderful opportunity to appear at a Maker's Market during a week long homecoming celebration at a local university. This event was my first "public" appearance as a card maker, so I wanted to make a good impression! After brainstorming with a few friends and family members, I finally settled on Karmaisma Studios. 

Karmaisma (pronounced "car-maze-muh") represents the beginnings of each name of my sweet nieces--Karleigh, Maisy, and Mallory. I never understood why people went crazy over their nieces and nephews.

And then I became an aunt.

Oh my goodness, folks. These three little faces instantly wormed their way into my heart and soul. I simply can't imagine my life without them, and it has been such a joy to watch them grow. My husband and I have more funny stories about them than we can possibly count, and frequently our conversations will turn to "Wasn't that HILARIOUS when Karleigh said <insert completely random observation or made-up word>?"

Karleigh, affectionately known to her aunt and uncle as "Bunny" will be 6 this summer. She is one smart cookie, with an insatiable love for reading and all things princess. Thankfully she is still not too old to give me the best hugs ever.

Maisy, affectionately known to her aunt and uncle as "Sweet Potato" or "Mutton Squeaks" (don't ask about the nicknames, people. They just sort of....happened), is 2 and a half, and never stops moving, unless she is asleep. She is SO full of life and joy, and says the most hilarious things ever.

Mallory, affectionately known to her aunt and uncle as "Little Squish" or "Lady Bug", just turned one in March. She is Karleigh's sister, and just started walking. So....we all know how that story goes. She is an eater! There really is nothing more adorable than an infant waving her legs in anticipation of that thing you've got in your hand going in her mouth because she knows it will be the tastiest thing ever.

Although Mallory is still a little bit young to be interested in the creative process (unless you count stacking blocks and then knocking them down), Karleigh and Maisy LOVE to color and create, so I'm naming my card studio after all three of them in the hopes that their love for the artsy craftsy world will only grow as they do.

You might hear me refer to my Business Manager (my sister) and my Creative Director (my sister-in-law) from time to time. These two ladies have been so helpful to me as I've started this journey. I could not do without their advice and support. My sister in law is an artist and designer herself, and has a fantastic website and Etsy shop. Find her website here and her Etsy shop here

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about my studio and the three little girls I love most in the world!


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